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BEEP Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure Certified
BEEP ® Certified

The lack of standards for aftermarket brake pads in North America has left us at ABS questioning the public's safety. ABS Friction is a concerned North American manufacturer of aftermarket brake pads. Because of our concerns, we're proud of our high standards, and proud to be a member of the BMC (Brake Manufacturer's Council) and BEEP ® certified.

What is the BMC?
The BMC was established in 1973 to represent manufacturers of automotive brake parts or systems. The BMC provides and maintains, for the mutual benefit of all its members, communications as appropriate with federal, state and local governmental authorities, bodies and agencies, in short, with legislative or regulatory function whose actions may affect automotive brake parts or systems.  Visit the Brake Manufacturer's Council website for more information - www.brakecouncil.org

What is BEEP ® ?
In November of 2002, and believing in self-regulation, the Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC), with input from the SAE, developed and announced a second proprietary certification standard called MSVS 105 BEEP ® , or Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure.

Similar to the D3EA certification, BEEP ® uses instead a single-ended dynamometer to validate the performance of the replacement brakes (front axle or rear axle), recognizing that most brake jobs do not involve both front and rear brake replacement at the same time.

BEEP ® testing is conducted at an independent laboratory, LINK Test Laboratory, and the numbers are processed through a computer program to compare brake performance with federal standards for new vehicles. Manufacturers typically do not test each and every part in every formula; however, testing occurs on various platforms.

BMC members can also conduct tests on their own single dynamometers and compute the numbers; however testing must be also conducted at LINK, for submission to and administration of the results at the BMC. The first BEEP ® approval seals appear on packaging as manufacturers submit products for certification.

Any manufacturer can apply to be BEEP ® certified, however, the bar is set high. A potential BEEP ® certification manufacturer must be QS9000, ISO9001 or ISO/TS 16949 certified; manufacture a broad range of friction products, and prove performance in tests conducted by an accredited test laboratory, at this time being Link Test Laboratory. Participation by friction manufacturers in the BEEP ® Program includes contractual agreements on product and process quality control including periodic audits.

Please visit the Brake Manufacturer's Council website for more information on BEEP ® at www.brakecouncil.org

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